Congratulations to
the 2007 Wildlife Officer Class!
The 2007 Class of Wildlife Enforcement Officers for the North Carolina Wlidlife Resources Commission graduated on July 19, 2007.

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New!  Driving Track Photos
Wildife Law Final Exam Photos

As promised, below are some useful links to online sources of legal information useful to North Carolina Wildlife Officers. Be sure to bookmark them for future reference! All links open in a new browser window.

North Carolina General Assembly Website
North Carolina General Statutes, Session Laws, Pending Bills and Bill Status

Office of Administrative Hearings
North Carolina Administrative Code

North Carolina Court System
AOC Forms, N.C. Appellate Court Opinions, Local Court Intormation

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
Regulations Digest and Much More

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Intranet
Enforcement Division Info, Employee Directory, Employee Policies.  
NOTE:  Password Required for access!

NEW! Online Maps

Flash Earth
This is a web site that provides satellite and aerial images from Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, and NASA, and views are easily switchable from one service to the other. 

This site contains online topographic maps.  It is the front end for a paid service, but you can view any location online for free. You can also download an image of the deired map, but it is a bit tricky...

First, select the "large map" option.  Then, use your browser to save the page with the map on it as "web page complete."  This will download an html file and folder to the location of your choice.  Finally, look in the folder for the getmap.png file for the map image.


Class Photos

Trapping Training

Learning the Difference Between Magazines and Clips - the Hard Way!

How to get sued using your inspection authority!

All photos except exam photos (c) 2007, Rob Morris
"Til The End!"