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Just What Is KA4PUV.com?

KA4PUV is the amateur radio call sign assigned to yours truly, Norman Young, since 1980.  This site, which takes it's name from that call, is the jumping off point for various amateur radio interests of mine, as well as family activities and other websites I maintain.  Please feel free to browse the links and share any feedback you might have to offer.


2013 Wildlife Officer Basic School

Amateur Radio

Triangle East Amateur Radio Association
TEARA Volunteer Examiner Website
TEARA Online Newsletters Archive

Computers and Computing

Best Open Source Software - Coming Soon!


North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
North American Wildlife Attorneys Site
2007 Wildlife Officer Basic School Pages
2008 Wildlife Officer Basic Pages
2010 Wildlife Officer Basic Pages
2012 Wildlife Officer Basic Pages

Other KA4PUV Sites

The Science Notebook
Pine Ridge Baptist Church

Family and Friends

While I have been blessed to have rewarding jobs (most days), and great hobbies like radio and computing, long after these are over and done with, all that will be left are family and friends.  Here is where you'll find my family and friends celebrating each other.  While they are mostly personal reminiscences, feel free to see us doing what we do best - enjoying each others company!

Pendergraft Christmas 2009
Pendergraft Christmas 2008
Thanksgiving 2008
Young Family Pages
Stephenson Family Pages - Coming Soon!