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"Wildlife Is Our Life!"

From Recruit To Wildlife Officer
In "Just" Nineteen "Easy" Weeks

Congrats to the Class
August 26, 2010!

(We're Outta Here!)

Class Musings

Week # 4 Slide Show

To view or download photos from this slideshow.

Weeks #s 5-8 Slide Show
To view or download photos from this slideshow.

Class Photo Collections
(Special thanks to Geoff Cantrell and Officer Wood for the use of these photos!)

Cantrell - SCAT Training
Cantrell - Boat Training
Cantrell - Driver Training - Salemburg
Cantrell - Driver Training - SHP
Woods - A Day At The Pool
Cantrell - Pool & Range Training
Training & Turkey Bait
Range Training & Relaxing
Cantrell - Media Training
Cantrell - Wet Lab, Etc.

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Online Information for Wildlife Officers

Be sure to bookmark them for future reference! All links open in a new browser window.

North Carolina General Assembly Website
North Carolina General Statutes, Session Laws, Pending Bills and Bill Status

Office of Administrative Hearings
North Carolina Administrative Code

North Carolina Court System
AOC Forms, N.C. Appellate Court Opinions, Local Court Intormation

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
Regulations Digest and Much More

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Intranet
Enforcement Division Info, Employee Directory, Employee Policies.  
NOTE:  Password Required for access!

NEW! Online Maps

Flash Earth
This is a web site that provides satellite and aerial images from Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, Ask.com and NASA, and views are easily switchable from one service to the other. 

Visit KA4PUV.com

How to get sued using your inspection authority!

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"Wildlife Is Our Life!"