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Herbert & Alpha Young

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As Promised...

Here is a preliminary design for the website.  It is very simple and can easily be modified as needed.  The URL is a little long since it is actually a subdomain,  so once you get to this page, you might want to go ahead and bookmark it.  Also. for right now, all the above links, except the "Home" link, go to my web portal since this test page is the only page I have created so far.  

As presently conceived, the "Family Tree" link would list our grandparents and their children.  The names on this page would be linked to the individual pages.  

The individual pages would contain more detalied information on the descendants of each child.  They could also contain photos of each child and their family members down through the years as well as any personal information the family wants to include.  Of course, since this would be an open website that anyone could visit, we want to be careful about putting too much information out there.  Just how much information would be included would be entirely up to the family members.

The photo gallery could be photos of general interest, the old homeplace, or any other photos of personal interest.

We can always add additional pages as we identify a need for them.  

Whadda ya think?

And Just For Fun...

Anyone recognize this little guy?

Stay Tuned...